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Computer Science Department

Aim of the Computer Science department is to equip students with latest skills to meet the growing needs of technology and science, but also motivate them to come up with innovative ideas, develop links with the industry, and involve in entrepreneurial activities.The department of Computer Science is offering excellent e-learning facilities and proud of facilitating students under the leadership of dedicated Head of Department and 24 hours committed teaching staff. Department is striving for excellence in providing comprehensive knowledge though intellectually challenging courses in the field of computer science and software engineering.

The purpose of the BS (Bachelor of Science) program is to produce graduates with a sound knowledge of computer science, contemporary technologies, and professional skills. SE (Software Engineering) discipline focuses on imparting the practical knowledge and technical training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concepts with applications, and problems with solutions. The MCS (Master of Computer Science) Degree is designed for students who wish to improve their knowledge of recent developments in information technology and to deepen their understanding of computer science.

Aim / Mission / Objectives:

Our mission is to provide high-quality education in the field of computer science at the doorstep of students, which prepares them to sustain in the technological world and provides them with a productive career and further learning opportunities. We strive to provide E-learning based on software applications and knowledge management to a wide range of student community ranging from developed to remote areas and make it accessible effortlessly.

  • To enable the students to think actively and share the innovative ideas together.
  • To prepare CS graduates for successful professional careers in the industrial as well as educational fields.
  • To equip CS graduates with the scientific and engineering methodologies that will facilitate them in research and advanced studies.
  • To develop interpersonal skills in CS graduates and make them best communicators with technical and non-technical patrons.
  • To prepare CS graduates to become effective team members with competent problem-solving skills.

At the moment, the Department of Computer Sciences offers three programs:

Undergraduate Programs
Office hours

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday)


CUI Virtual Campus, Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone : +92 51-90495914
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