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Humanities Department

The Department of Humanities initially has offered Master’s Degree in English and plans to offer others online programmes as well. Along with honing the language skills of students we believe in inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them so that they become better professionals and citizens. Courses like Communication skills and Research in Linguistics/Literature work two ways: they help students pursue a successful career as English language instructors and provide them the quintessential research skills for becoming capable research scholars.

While preparing the syllabus, a harmonious blend of linguistics and literature has been created while not ignoring the significant area of Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Moreover, courses like Essay Writing and Presentation and Study Skills in the initial semester develop the skills of note-taking, mind-mapping, skimming, scanning and finding the relevant material to study along with teaching to express their knowledge and viewpoint effectively.

One of the characteristic features of our department is our multiethnic environment. Being one of the leading institutions in e-learning, we attract students from all over Pakistan including far-flung areas like Gilgit Baltistan, FATA, Baluchistan, and Interior Sindh. We have extended our outreach not only to hard areas of Pakistan but we also feel honour in serving our students internationally. By establishing cordial rapport with the students and promoting student-student communication through live sessions, Facebook groups and emails, we are able to promote harmony and understanding among different ethnicities of Pakistan.

We also pride ourselves on providing students a comprehensive online library where they can access to video lectures and study material of their courses. For our international students, we have the facility of conducting online examinations. By optimum use of technology, we ensure that university education is just a click away for everybody regardless of their location.

The department of Humanities believes in consistent evaluation, progress and evolution and welcomes critical feedback from students, scholars and academicians.

At the moment, the department offers following degree programs:

Undergraduate Programs
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