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Quality Enhancement Cell


Investing in Quality, based on the ownership of Quality Assurance (QA) processes and Quality Enhancement (QE) practices for delivering high quality education, CUI envisages becoming a world premiere center of excellence for education, research and development. CUI has its own quality assurance regimen that reflects its Strategic Vision 2020, follows the quality assurance program of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for improved quality and research, and is also strictly in accordance with the international quality assurance standards that facilitate CUI’s participation in the world university rankings.

With Quality as its integer and excellence in higher education as a qualitative strategic imperative, VCOMSATS manifested its progressive mission by establishing the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in 2012, and since then, has taken bold initiatives to attain, manage and enhance quality at the institutional level in all its cadres as university management, academic and administration. The QEC, as an essential component of VCOMSATS management, is dedicated to an effective implementation of Quality Standards, processes of Quality Assurance and Management System, and continually reviewing the progress for enhancement of quality as per CUI Quality Policy. For this to happen, QEC has undertaken the development of a quality mindset in the university at the student, faculty, and management levels, so that a practicing quality culture becomes one of the best practices at VCOMSATS.

From the date of establishment, the QEC team at VCOMSATS, in coordination with the Campus Quality Coordinators (CQC) at the Principal Seat, has been responsible for bringing realization to all stakeholders that the Quality Assurance program (a Continuous Improvement Process for improving quality in Teaching, Programs, Curricula and Research) is helpful in improving the quality of their professionalism towards the deliverance of quality education. The QEC is continually involved in creating awareness about quality. That is one of the main reasons that in a short span of time we have achieved results worth being proud of.


Develop an enhancement-led approach to quality in higher education program of VCOMSATS and promote confidence in the quality and standard of higher education as well as create a well-connected student-faculty community in the university.


Ensure implementation of best quality assurance strategies and continuous improvement for achievement of the highest standard of excellence in education, research and public service at VCOMSATS.


The main objective of QEC is to facilitate the implementation of Quality Assurance procedures and practices and also ensure quality enhancement at the institutional level. So that with continuous improvement of strategies, resolute effort and action, the criteria of quality in all aspects of the university can be met. Such check on the quality of learning, research and administration would help VCOMSATS to attain international competitiveness and compatibility amongst the top competitors in Pakistan. QEC is determined to:

  • Establish a quality–centric approach, processes and practices at VCOMSATS for institutional effectiveness that positively impacts the stakeholders.
  • Strengthen the internal Quality Assurance process at VCOMSATS through Self-Assessment as per HEC criteria.
  • Prepare academic and non-academic departments and programs to meet the criteria and standards of CUI statutory bodies and international higher education evaluation/accreditation bodies and rankings.
  • Ensure academic quality by continuously assessing learning outcomes in academic and non-academic departments in a systematic way with uniformity across campuses, and making them consistent with the vision and mission of VCOMSATS.
  • Develop quality enhancement processes and practices to ensure competitive excellence among all cadres and stakeholders of VCOMSATS.
  • Get feedback from students, teachers, graduates, and employers on prescribed intervals. Evaluate the feedback and suggest appropriate measure to concerned quarters for implementation if deemed necessary.
  • To work gradually and progressively in order to achieve accreditation from the concerned authorities for all programs.

For making VCOMSATS a quality-centric institution, the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) performs the following activities:

  • Quality Assurance and Assessment of Academic Programs
  • Quality Awareness Training
  • Participation in meetings of Statutory and non-statutory Bodies
  • Internal Institutional Performance Evaluation of VCOMSATS based on feedback from all stakeholders.
  • Preparation for External Performance Evaluation of QEC VCOMSATS by HEC
  • VCOMSATS Preparation & Participation for HEC Ranking
  • External relations with other universities
  • To achieve the accreditation of programs from the concerned authorities.
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