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Office of the Dupty Registrar


The Registrar Office is the backbone of University, as it plays vital roles in facilitation from the day a student enrolls into the system till the day student passes out. The registrar office takes the responsibility of being guardian and custodian of all students’ academic and personal data.

Mission Statement
  • To maintain each student’s accurate Academic and Personal data,
  • To ensure Data’s availability to authorities, and uphold university’s policy and procedures in a professional yet friendly environment.

Registrar Office aims to make its processes and procedures simple and clear, in an environment that is Professional yet friendly and conducive to learning.


Once a student is enrolled into the university, a file is developed of each student comprising of student’s admission form, their all attached academic and personal documents. Academic documents in each file are attested by issuing bodies. Maintenance and safekeeping of all such record comes under the responsibilities of the Registrar office.

Registrar office also takes the responsibility to record and communicate all academic decisions regarding policy taken in meetings of Authorities. Changes made in different Programs and their Courses are also recorded, communicated and implemented by the Registrar Office. Some major tasks are enlisted below:


Developing a student’s documents into a file, assuring presence of Student’s all academic documents including personal details are well kept and secured from any misuse of personal information.

Course Details

Registrar Office also takes the responsibility to maintain and Implement all Scheme of Studies of every Degree Program offered by the University.

Course Offering

Registrar Office ensures offering courses each time Registration process begins for each semester of all Programs at every level.

Managing Student Requests

When a student initiates any request regarding his Academics like Dropping of a course, or taking of an additional course or freezing and unfreezing of a semester are handled by the Registrar office.


When Students are enrolled into a new semester, they are given time to register their semester courses on LMS. However some students lag behind and remember registering after the due time and send request of registration to registrar office. In such cases, the registrar office also ensures that registrations made by student are as per defined parameters.

Course Drop

When a student initiates a request to drop a course, it comes to Registrar office. Each request is handled as an individual case and then a decision is taken in the best interests of the student, neither every request is accepted nor rejected, sometimes counseling is advised for the student.

Withdraw Course

If a student is unable to bear the full subject load and wants to leave a subject for later and the first sessionals are done with. Then the student initiates a request to withdraw course, to the Registrar Office. After a quick check on the entire case, a approval or rejection is announced.

Extra Course

Sometimes students want to opt for additional courses, such requests are also entertained by the Registrar office.


Requests to Freeze and Unfreeze a semester also comes to the Registrar office, as these requests are under strict time constraints they are dealt on priority basis.

Change in personal/educational Details

Students who want to make changes to their personal and educational details send requests to Registrar office; each case is taken into consideration and then approved on basis of solid evidence.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars are also prepared by the Registrar Office; it is a calendar that defines the activities on a timeline date wise.

Change of Study Centers

Once a student initiates request for change of study centers, it is received by us. Each case is handled individually and after consultation with current study centers and a check with policy parameters, requests are either approved or rejected.

Office hours

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday)


CUI Virtual Campus, Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone : +92 51-90495914

Email :