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Master of Arts in English

Program Name MA (English)
  • Bachelor degree (14 years of education) from an accredited university with English compulsory and having secured minimum 50% marks.
  • NTS (NAT II) as per CIIT policy.
  • Minimum: 4 Semesters; 2 Years
  • Maximum: 6 Semesters; 3 Years
Credit hours Minimum 69 Cr. Hrs.

This program is designed specifically for the students who want to attain a master’s level knowledge of english language and literature and to improve their english language skills and the ability to study and evaluate literature. The course covers the historical development of english, its various genres, through the ages. The combination of language and literature enables students to see the integration of linguistic features and devices in literary texts. Moreover, it initiates learners into the theoretical grounding of literature and offers study of literary texts in their social and historical contexts, and ways of interpreting them, theories of learning and teaching language and modern concepts of linguistics. The program encourages students to study a wide range of texts, both past and contemporary, and consider the variety of theoretical and critical approaches of language and literature available at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Through directed reading and focused discussion, students would be offered the opportunity to develop their skills in textual analysis and to extend their awareness of different ways of reading and creative writing.

The prime objective of the M.A. in English program is to enable students to read widely and critically a variety of english literary texts in their social, political and historical contexts.

The course also focuses on reviewing and rethinking knowledge and assumptions about literature and literary meaning along with acquiring knowledge of linguistic, literary, critical and cultural theories, and to deploy these ideas in critical analysis. Since students entering this program need to have a firm base of English communication skills, the first semester offers a foundational module of the language skills for them.

Another objective of the program is to familiarize students with modern linguistic and grammatical theories in accordance with the approaches to english language teaching. By offering the Business english module, along with the two tefl modules the course aims to equip the entrants with the prerequisites of teaching english according to the current market demand.

The program is designed to develop the ability to initiate and carry out research at graduate level, leading to the production of a research project.

Admission and Eligibility

Session: The programs are offered in Fall (September) and Spring (February) Session


  • Bachelor degree (14 years of education) from an accredited university with English compulsory and having secured minimum 50% marks.

Test and Score: NTS-NAT II test score with minimum 50% marks.

Duration & Semesters:

  • M.A English: The minimum duration for the completion of the degree is four semesters (02 Years) and a maximum of six semesters (03 Years).

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