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How does it Works?

CUI VC offers online courses via asynchronous learning sessions in which student access and study course material at their convenience at home or wherever they choose– reading, watching or listening to material supplied. Classes are recorded for later replay. Students communicate with the instructor and classmates via email and discussion boards.


Online course are based around the learning management system (LMS), which is the software system for the e-learning program. VCOMSATS LMS provides the student to visit the course website where student can view course information like course overview, FAQs, glossary, web links, related downloads, scheme of study and course contents. Student takes their quizzes, submit assignments and participate in discussion boards with tutor or students from LMS.


In CUI Virtual Campus students will login to LMS to view or download the digitally recorded lectures. Lecture will also be available at official channel of Virtual campus at YouTube. Another facility is the provision of digitally recorded lectures in the form of Video CDs/DVDs, which will be mailed to the students. These video lectures provide the next best thing from actually being present in the lecture. The video screen is consisting of the topic, lecture contents, and lecture slides. For most classes, students will also have access to an online forum, where their queries will be answered.

In addition to Asynchronous mode of learning and content delivery, students will have minimum of 5 scheduled Synchronized virtual meeting sessions with course tutor via live video conferencing system. Students can take part in this activity from home or can use study centers for this purpose. This activity can also be coupled with sessional exams and quizes. This will improve the quality of learning and assessment through synchronous element of student teacher interaction.


The courses at VC will be offered through semester system. Students are proposed to be evaluated through following criteria similar to existing evaluation criteria of CUI theoretical Courses:

  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Graded Discussion
  • Midterm Exam(s)
  • Final Exam

Students are bound to physically appear at registered study centers for Midterm (sessional) and final term exams.