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The coverage of higher education in Pakistan is around 5% which is extremely low as compared to other countries like Bangladesh (7%), India (13%), Malaysia (29%), UK (59%), US (82%), and Finland (94%). The Government of Pakistan is working in different directions to widen the coverage of higher education.

In Pakistan, considerable gap exists between the number of higher secondary level passed students and the number of students who get enrolled in universities. The gap exists mainly due to the insufficient number of public sector universities providing affordable education.

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) is rated amongst top ranked universities of the country and is known for its progressive and innovative learning approach. Based on the facts and figures presented in the above sections and, it is need of the time to establish substantial online instructional capabilities.

CUI has set itself the goal of making quality education available to students in various parts of Pakistan though its campuses in key cities. The establishment of a virtual campus is the next logical step for the completion of the goal.

CUI Virtual campus is started to enhance the coverage of quality higher education in the country by providing opportunities to those who could not attend universities because of inflexible timings, cost, or cultural barriers. CUI Virtual Campus will reach those people by offering sophisticated Distance Learning education programs in Pakistan.

CUI is a public university to offer the distance learning programs in Pakistan by using the power of today information technology resources.