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Master of Business Administration (3.5 years)

As per HEC's revised Business Education Roadmap 2012  the MBA 3.5 years program has been discontinued to be offered from Fall 2013.

Candidates having a a two years Bachelors degree (BCom, BSc/BA) are are advised to take admission in the two years BBS degree program. (adding up to 16 years of education)

Upon completion of the BBS Program, the candidates can then choose to go for MBA 1.5 years program. 

You would earn an MBA at the end of 3.5 years!

BBS (2 years) + MBA (1.5 years) = MBA degree at the end of 3.5 years with an added plus of proof of 16 years of education i.e. BBS.

MBA 3.5 Years ( Offered before Fall 2013)

Program Overview

In today’s increasingly competitive, dynamic and knowledge-based business and work environments, a higher academic degree is a necessity for anyone who desires to advance professionally. CIIT’s 3.5 years MBA program offers students with formal business education the opportunity to earn an advanced qualification which is highly prized by employers in both the private and public sectors.

Special features and objectives

The objectives for this degree program are to:

  • Present prospective managers with the conceptual overview of modern theory and practice in each of the key areas of managerial responsibility
  • Enable students to integrate formal academic learning with business related experiential learning
  • Equip and develop strong management and interpersonal skills with the sound technical knowledge-base, required in today's dynamic business environment.
  • Provide exposure to international business scenarios.
Program Content

The MBA 3.5 years program consists of 99 credit hours taught during 7 semesters and includes course modules in all major business administration subject areas. In addition, a large number of elective courses are offered to choose from. The degree is awarded on completion of 99 credit hours with a minimum of 2.0/4.0 CGPA.

Click here for the detailed course structure and descriptions.

Eligibility Criteria:

I4 years of education with 2.0/4 CGPA or 50% marks in the annual system and 50% NAT test score.

Career Prospects:

The MBA program graduates will have gained the analytical skills, understanding, and the know-how to create and implement strategy at all levels in an organization. By the end of program, the students feel comfortable taking up leadership and decision making roles who can work across disciplines and cultures to manage, develop creative solutions to problems and improve performance and be innovative. The students take their learning into the workplace - immediately and practically. Graduates go on to find employment in a wide variety of roles in various sectors and locations such as banking, telecommunications, health sector and many government and non-government organizations.


For Scheme of Studies, please visit CIIT Course Catalogue Portal